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The Internet of Everyday Things will bring a trillion new wireless, embedded, and internetworked systems online within a decade or two. Our work explores how these systems should be built to survive and thrive in this not-too-distant future, and how they can be prototyped today to enable breakthrough applications.


EECS 582 W15 / EECS 373 W15

  • Machine Setup - Set up your machine to be able to program the CC2538 (Atum) and nRF51822 (Squall) hardware.


The best place to find our current projects is on our Github organization. More mature projects are on the lab website.

These pages provide support and additional information for some of our earlier lab projects.



Record keeping

  • Lab Equipment - info on all the physical equipment we have.
  • Lab Computing - info on all the digital stuff we own (e.g. google, vimeo, etc accounts)
  • Shortcode Lookup - information for internal reimbursements
  • Shed Repository - contains all our papers, some research stuff. Research code should go to by default however.
  • Lunch

How Tos

Internal Tips

Berkeley Internal

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